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Monday, 24 August 2015

Vanishing Light

Vanishing Light 
Long Distance Journeys: track 8

Vocals and words: Charlotte Francis 
Bass guitar, keys, loops and piano: Richard Westwood

Vanishing Light started out as an extended jam I recorded in December '14. I really loved this slightly odd piano composition but I couldn't recreate the feel of the original demo on subsequent home recordings. So I began to manipulate the midi file, adding notes and editing the structure of the track. I think the music works pretty well but there are places where the edits are more obvious than others! Thankfully, Charlotte must have liked the results as she sent through a stunning demo and the idea for the instrumental break in the middle of the song.
Vanishing light was always going to open Long Distance Journeys until I heard the studio version of Song of Love. I knew then that Vanishing Light would work better as the final track on our album. The sound of Charlotte's voice fading in to the distance seemed a fitting way to end the record.
16/07/2015 & 24/08/2015

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