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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Is Anything Free?

Is Anything Free?
Long Distance Journeys: track 7

Vocals and words: Charlotte Francis
Piano and string arrangement: Richard Westwood

I usually work on existing tracks when new ideas aren't happening. This is more laborious and less exciting than writing new material but it can be really rewarding. There are times when this doesn't bare fruit (E.g. you discover the idea you had was rubbish after all) so I'll try write a song on a different instrument and hope for the best!

One Saturday morning I was having breakfast with my kids whilst jamming on a cheap bass guitar I'd ordered on the internet with back pay from work. Maybe there was something in my coffee because within minutes I had the basic outline for Is Anything Free?! From there it was a matter of translating the music to piano and recording the demo on my laptop. 

Charlotte sent me her version of Is Anything Free? around April or May 2015 and her lyrics and melody were amazing! As I've hinted at in earlier posts, Charlotte had now hit a grove and her demos were turning to gold. Looking back, this was the most productive and thrilling time in our band's brief history, no doubt.  

It's here that I need to thank my old friend Mark Sturgress for pushing us to make Is Anything Free? as good as it possible could be. With hindsight, I'd originally written a lazy string arrangement that wasn't up to scratch (it did sound good at home though!). After jamming on the song we recorded the midi strings late one Monday evening and I knew from the results that we had our song. We're really proud of Is Anything Free? and the intro still stands as one of my fave moments on Long Distance Journeys. 

16/06/2016 & 15/08/2015

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